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The recommendations we offer in order to create an environment in which we can all practice together with a sense of oneness are as follows:


  • Maintain mindfulness and keep your mind open.


  • Wear appropriate, yet comfortable clothing; remove your shoes when you enter.​​


  • It is customary to greet others in the temple by bowing with palms together.


  • Perform a standing bow to the altar upon entering and exiting the dharma room.


  • Respect all people in the temple, young and old.


  • If you meet sick or elderly people, care for them and help them.


  • Step softly and do not run or shout.


  • Speak well to people in the temple, in the manner of a Bodhisattva. Do not use vulgar language.


  • When you hear the gong, move immediately to the dharma room– Do not linger.


  • Do not enter the dharma room, if sitting in meditation has begun, wait until sitting meditation is finished and quietly enter.


  • Maintain silence and keep still while sitting in meditation.


  • If legs cramp, quietly stand until the legs un-cramp and return to sitting, or consult one of the ministers after sitting.


  • Do not bring food or drink into the dharma room during service.


  • Please turn off cell phones before the dharma service begins.


  • Be on time for all activities.


  • Be hospitable to guests and make them feel welcome.



Immediately following service, we offer a 30-minute tea ceremony and Dharma-sharing session.

This is an opportunity for us to share our meditative experiences and to answer questions about each other’s practice.

During Dharma-Sharing, we try to practice deep listening and mindful speaking.

Through Deep listening, we focus on being fully present during the discussion and we try to listen objectively (without judgment) to what is being said.

We practice mindful speaking by focusing on questions and feedback about the dharma talk and how we could apply the dharma to our daily practice.  Prior to speaking, we may focus on our breath as a way of gaining awareness in the present moment. We respectfully contribute our thoughts to the entire group in an effort to avoid “crosstalk” so that everyone could benefit from collective insights shared by others. We mindfully try not to give advice or discuss unrelated topics and we try to reframe from sharing more than once until all members have a chance to speak. 

Dharma Sharing is an opportunity for us to create a calm, inclusive and supportive environment to grow our spiritual practice.








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